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By Tanja Gottardo


My name is Tanja, creator of Mamacita Life. I was born and raised in Italy, lived in Austria 10 years and than moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. I've been teaching dance and other fitness programs since 2010 and I absolutely love working with people to make them feel better and more comfortable in their own bodies.

I got pregnant with my first baby in autumn 2019 and as I was working out and teaching my classes throughout my whole pregnancy my boyfriend and I decided to work on something special. A platform with easy to follow and fun routines to encourage all pregnant women to stay active during pregnancy.

About Mamacita Life

​This program is not about weight loss or pushing yourself to your limits, but it's all about how you feel about yourself and your own body.

This program contains:

- Workouts and dance especially for pregnant women.

- We focus more on our back, legs, balance, cardio and lot more.

- Healthy lifestyle tips.

- Every class is different and every class has special focus on different body parts and easy to follow.

- Dance videos.

⬇ No words can describe this feeling 


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Tanja Gottardo - Muevelo

Tanja Gottardo - Muevelo

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